Vet care services

Get a full check up with a vet in the comfort of your home!

Vet consultation

¥500 and up

Get a certified vet to come and check your pet in the comfort of your own home. 

First Consultation
Recheck Consultation
Emergency Consultation

Nurse visit

¥270 and up

Need medication for your pet? Our skilled nurses are here to help! Trust us to provide the care your furry friend needs. 

Regular Visit
Emergency Visit


Rabies: ¥80 and up
Feline Viral Vaccination: ¥190 and up
Canine Viral Vaccination: ¥190 and up

(Consultation is needed to book the vaccination services)

Other services

Microchip: ¥160 and up
Viral test: ¥135 and up
Cytology: ¥135 and up
CBC check: ¥200 and up
Biochemistry: ¥600 and up

(Contact us to find out about our service list and our health check packages)

Additional fee

(Contact us for the cost of additional pet and transportation)

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